October 16, 2014 9AM
Riverside, California

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James Andrew Beck


James Andrew Beck was born in Bremerton, Washington on April 1, 1975. His childhood was defined by a tumultuous relationship with his father – a relationship that his dad eventually dedicated his life to repairing in order to break the cycle of generational dysfunction. James then committed to recording this journey by writing a book about the process.

In 1997, James graduated with a degree in Religion and returned to minister at his childhood church. During this time, the desire to write his story weighed on his heart. Realizing he lacked experience and education in professional writing, he sought out writing groups, mentors, and seminars. James found them in Los Angeles, CA. On his 26th birthday, James made the move to LA and gave himself a 10-year deadline.

While pursuing that dream, James found himself in various lines of work to make ends meet and finance his literary goals. After finding himself in everything from starting a salsa company to working as a baggage handler for Alaska Airlines to assisting in managing a post surgical recovery facility, James discovered his natural talent for solving soft tissue problems as a massage therapist. While working at Burke Williams Day Spa in Santa Monica, one of his clients recognized this skill and hired him to perform bodywork for the cast of the NBC hit shows, ‘American Gladiators’ (season 1 & 2) and ‘The Biggest Loser’ (seasons 7-11).

In 2010, James completed his book ‘Hey Dad, Remember Me’. In the spirit of giving back to others in the way his father did for him – on April Fool’s Day, 2011, he gave away all of his possessions and spent a year traveling across America, serving others. James called this journey SerfBliss, which became the first phase of a ‘Pay-it-Forward’ social project. James Beck’s story is an adventure of epic proportions. He filmed the entire year so he could later write about his experiences.